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Information is power. Over the years I have been reading up on various pregnancy, birth and newborn related topics. As well as buying new releases, I often seek out second hand books or have donations from clients. I have quite a stash of books now, so it makes sense to be able to lend them out to people who may find them useful!


All the books listed here are available for you to borrow free of charge, I ask that you keep them no longer than 3 weeks so that they can be available regularly to everyone. If you would like to borrow a book please just email me your chosen title or request for suggestions and we can make arrangements to lend.

Before baby arrives

Useful reads to help you make decisions on your birth plan and preferences of care. 

After baby arrives

Books to help you prepare for your postnatal period; baby care, self care, feeding and general support. 

I am always accepting of suggested additions to my library and donations of books for lending, so please do get in touch if you have a contribution to make. I think it's better to have books being read, shared and reused than gathering dust on a shelf! 


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