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If you are looking for someone to BE there for you, as well as DO things that aid your parenthood journey then I might just be the doula for you. As your doula I will provide bespoke care for your specific needs and situation, support the type of birth you choose to have and give the postnatal assistance you and your family desire.


Antenatally I can help you to explore your birth options and define your intentions surrounding your labour and postnatal period with some workshop time. 


During labour I am on hand to provide emotional and practical support throughout to you and your birth partner in your chosen place of birth. This includes being on call from the 38th week of your pregnancy until your baby is born.

Postnatally I can provide homemade meals, companionship, take care of you, your family and your home, and signpost you to local resources that may be useful to you. 

Before you make any decisions, I always recommend that we have a face to face chat so we can get to know each other and figure out your requirements – with no obligation to book. This can be either be at your home or a local venue. The relationship we will build will be unique and far beyond what can be written here, so let’s have a chat and see where it takes us. 

Birth Doula Services Package

  • Four antenatal visits (4 x 2 hours) to prepare and plan for labour, birth and the newborn stage. During these sessions we will discuss various details such as the physiology of birth, your birth preferences, practical labour plans, comfort measures, feeding preferences and techniques, and postnatal planning etc.

  • Phone and email contact throughout your pregnancy.

  • Access to my book/resources library to help you with informed decision making.

  • Birth pool hire if desired, subject to availability.

  • I will be on call for you 24/7 from your 39-week date (or as soon as your labour begins if earlier than this date) until your baby is born.

  • I will provide continuous support throughout labour and birth, and will stay with you for a few hours post birth to help you and your family get settled.

  • Two Postnatal visits (2 x 2 hours) within the first 14 days to support you with anything you need such as feeding, discussing your birth experience, newborn practicalities or just some company.

  • Phone and email support during the first 6 weeks after birth.


This package is used as a starting point for my services, it can be tailored to suit your needs and budget with sessions added or removed as required.


Birth Pool Hire

If you are aiming for a home waterbirth experience, I have a birthing pool available for hire from 38-weeks of pregnancy until your baby is born. I will provide instructions on pool setup and details of the additional accessories you may need.


The package includes:

  • Birth Pool in a box pro regular size pool

  • Pool liner (new for each use)

  • Inflation pump

  • Drainage pump

  • RCD safety plug (for use with the pumps)

  • Local delivery & collection of the pool with personalised setup up instructions and run through. 


Birth Pool hire is £120

(This fee includes a refundable deposit of £40 of which is refunded upon return of the pool hire kit in working/undamaged condition. You will need to source additional equipment not listed above which I can assist you with e.g hose and tap adaptors - I do not provide these as they are not reusable items.)


Postnatal doula services

As a postnatal doula I want to nurture you, your baby and family in the early weeks with your newborn. I aim to give you confidence in your abilities to be exactly what your baby needs and provide you with support to overcome any challenges so that you can positively bond and thrive together. My postnatal services include:

  • A postnatal planning session to create a postnatal plan.

  • Emotional support e.g. actively listening to your frustrations, fears, preoccupations, to your birth story and exploring your postnatal recovery.

  • Assisting you in finding & exploring evidence-based information to help you with making informed decisions, including access to my book/resource library, and signposting you to other local services you may find useful.

  • Provide you with informational and practical help with feeding your baby using whichever method you choose to provide nourishment.

  • Newborn care guidance and support such as comfort measures, bathing, sleep, nappy changing etc.

  • Supporting you during your first outing with baby (to the shops, baby clinic or just for a walk) or with your first few ‘solo’ days at home when any other parental leave ends.

  • Practical help at home; light housework, cooking, running shopping errands, helping with other children etc.

  • Helping parents have some much-needed sleep or self-care time.

  • Overnight postnatal support – supporting you and baby during the night.

Postnatal services are charged at an hourly rate, to engage my services there is a 20 hour block booking deposit. Each postnatal session is a minimum of 2 hours.


Bespoke sessions

Are you looking for additional support and preparations but not sure where to start or whether you need a full package of services? If so, some bespoke sessions would be ideal. I can tailor some information sessions to your needs. Whether it's a private antenatal and hypnobirthing course, or just some 'power hours' on specific topics like cesarean birth or postnatal planning there's plenty of options available to ensure you have some unbiased and reliable support. 


These sessions can be held in person or online, by yourself or with your birth partner - the flexibility is yours! Get in touch directly to get started with a discovery call, I have no doubt that together we can figure it out what you'd find helpful and how we can work on it.


A note about fees: If you are not able to pay full amounts in advance, or you have affordability concerns, please let me know. I can offer a selection of payment plans and can tailor the packages to suit your needs and budget.

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