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If you are looking for antenatal, birth or postnatal support in the form of a doula then you have come to the right place. The Birth came to be the name of my doula services because I firmly believe that the birth of a child also means the birth of a parent and a family. It is such a unique time for you all and as a birth and postnatal doula I aim to support each of you emotionally and physically so that you all thrive during this period of growth.

Everyone is welcome here. If you find that you have some questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Choosing a doula is a very personal choice, taking your time to meet your match is important and I will happily speak to you with no obligation or expectation. 

Forest Trees

'Kimberly ensured she held our space and that our views and wishes were upheld.'

Heading 5

Here's what some of the families I have support have to say about me;


'Just a huge thank you to Kimberly for helping me set off on the journey of motherhood having been supported and grounded, guided and cared for by such a wonderful woman.' - AS

'I wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help with M in those early weeks. Having those couple of hours to do other stuff, and having another grown up around to talk to, made such a difference.' - SP

'We would love to have Kimberly’s support in the future again. I have told everyone how important a doula is and how my empowering my birth was because of my amazing birth support. I am forever grateful and she is amazing at what she does.' - IH

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